13 Jan 2017 Onward: Mei Xin Star Wars CNY Cookies Set

Mei Xin Singapore are having their Star Wars CNY Cookies Set now. Enjoy Offers at a discounted price of $48 on Groupon and many more.

Impress your guests and friends during Chinese New Year visits with these unique cookies from established Hong Kong bakery and confectionery Mei Xin (香港美心).

The bakery has teamed up with Disney to create this exclusive Star Wars set featuring all-time bestsellers Hazelnut Mille Feuille, folded 192 layers and crafted with premium butter from New Zealand. In a separate box, the butter pastry with maple syrup is made using a double baking technique to create that crispy caramelised crust.

A pity Mei Xin didn’t bake the pastries in the shape of R2D2 or Jedi Master Yoda but fans can still take home the limited edition Star Wars-themed tin boxes.

Each set consists 32 pieces of cookies – 16 Maple Syrup Butter Cookies in R2D2 box and 16 pieces of Hazelnut Almond Feuille Mille in Star Wars Characters box.

There are options for one or three sets, additional discounts apply for sets of three.  You can choose to have them delivered or self-collect at Club street or Change Alley.

Over 250+ sets already sold at the time of this writing, better hurry if you wish to get your hands (or mouths) on one since they will only be available while stocks last.

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Date: 13th January 2017 onward

Available at:  Groupon

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