12 Jan 2017 Onward: Hong Leong Finance Fixed Deposits Promotion

Hong Leong Finance Singapore are having their Fixed Deposits Promotion now. Enjoy Attractive interest rates from Fixed Deposits when you place a minimum Fixed Deposit of S$25,000 for 3 to 18 months and many more.

Interest Rates (% per annum)

Deposit Amount 3-month 6-month 12-month 13-month 18-month
S$25,000 to < S$50,000 0.80% 0.90% 1.00% 1.05% 1.15%
S$50,000 to < S$100,000 0.85% 0.95% 1.15% 1.18% 1.20%
S$100,000 to < S$200,000 0.90% 1.00% 1.18% 1.20% 1.25%
S$200,000 and above 1.00% 1.10% 1.22% 1.25% 1.30%

Terms & Conditions

  • The Fixed Deposit Promotion is applicable to individuals and corporate accounts. Only individual account placements are eligible for the gift. Gifts are issued on a while stocks last basis. A fee of S$50/- will be payable if the Fixed Deposit Receipt is not held till maturity. For 6-month Fixed Deposit, interest will be payable @ 0.10% p.a. on completed quarters for premature withdrawal. Promotional interest rates are subject to change without prior notice. Other terms & conditions apply.
  • Gift is issued on per account basis and for a limited period only. While stocks last.
  • Deposit Insurance Scheme
    • Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$50,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law.

For more info, click here and here

Date: 12th January 2017 Onward

Available at: Hong Leong Finance Singapore

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